Bow Lake – Icefield Parkway

On July 25th, Jardene Photography, made its way to the scenic spot of Bow lake. Our intention was to capture the milky way at around 1 am in the morning. Scouting the area for about 90 minutes and choosing a spot that we believe was not photographed before. Traveling back to Lake Louise we fueled up and called home to inform the family that we would be out of cell phone coverage most of the night. We returned to the spot with all our equipment and set up. We waited about 3 hours for the stars to come out and the clouds to disperse. At around 12:30 am the moon set, and the brilliance of the stars could be seen. We could make out the milky way with the naked eye. We waited another 30 minutes for the milky way to move off the mountain and get to where we wanted the shot. At 1 am we started collecting 9 photos and the tenth for the foreground. The shot was assembled the next day after rest and food. The result was a 9-stacked shot with the milky way and the 10th shot for the foreground. In the image, you can make out the Bow Glacier and the Bow Lake. What do you think? Leave us a comment or a request.
Milky Way at Bow Lake – July 25 2020

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