How to use our web site

Did you know we have a shop of this web site. It is secured by an SSL certificate. We do not collect any credit card or debt card information on this site. We use PayPal, which provides this service to us for a fee.

Our main page and galleries have a category list for our shop, these lists allow your to view the shop pages in these categories. If you went straight to the shop there are sorting abilities however these are limited and do not show categories.

When looking at our photographs, we provide an image of what the photograph would look like on a wall with furniture around. To view this select the photograph from the shop page and then select the image below the selected print. There are examples below.

Split Panorama of Downtown Calgary
A businesswoman standing in front of three frames of Scottsman hill
Moraine Lake Sunrise
Moraine Lake Sunrise
A macro photo of a Marigold over the sofa in a lawyers office
The Canadian goose stretching over the studio sofa.

Did you know there are videos on this web site ? Under Galleries/videos there are special time lapse videos from around Alberta, Canada.

Did you know there are places on this web site to leave comments and reviews of the photographs and posts. You can tell us, what you like and what you would like to see.

I hope this gives you an idea how this site can be used, effectively.

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