Bull Elk Canmore

Ventured out in the early morning mist and drove to Canmore before the sun rose. Caught breakfast and then headed to the Bow River and started walking around. Walked maybe about 5km without seeing any wild life and then on the way back to the truck found five Cow Elks with a rather large Bull Elk.

As the sun started to rise, I came face to face with the Bull Elk, standing in front of me and wondering what I was doing. Kept away from the Cow’s and stood and watched him for a while.

Had quite the moment, looking at this guy before we both turned 180 and walked away. Love these moments when they know you’re just taking photos.

The Bull Elk wasn’t interested in following me and knew I wasn’t a risk as I walked away. I believe the rut was over and the Elk went on their way crossing the river into the woods.

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