Major November 2020 Update

We started a series of updates for our website at the end of October and the beginning of November.

Bison Category Update

The first category to be updated was the Bison category. With our schedule over the summer months, we were able to get to Elk Island National Park several times in the summer, spring, and fall months. We processed these photos and have added them to our Bison category. Over 28 photos were added doubling the size of our product offering for our Bison category.

Many more of our Bison photos are not sellable material. We post our sellable products to our social media networks as well as the photos that are not quite up to grade.

Jardene Photography can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. We have shops on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Google.

Macro Category Update

The second category that had an upgrade was the macro category. We added another 10 photos to our shops based on the response of our social media outlets and networks. People have been contacting our stores asking for photos to be available in our shops.

Wildlife Category Update

Today we rolled out a major update to our wildlife category. We added over 49 photos to our print shops. People have liked these photos on our social media networks and they have now been made available in our shops. We now offer over 190 products for sale.

Landscape Category Update

Our landscape category is the last category to be upgraded. This will happen in the next two weeks and will be available for our December shipping ready for Christmas. Currently, there are only 17 photos in the landscape department that we will be releasing for our print shop.

What’s next at Jardene Photography?

New Category – Night Photography

We are planning a new Category for Night photography that will be making an appearance in late December/early January. Based on popular demand.

We will be increasing our galleries to show more Panoramic photographs as well as the common prints available in our stores. The stores will be upgraded with the new products over the next two weeks towards the end of November. Facebook, Instagram, and Google will have the latest product line.

In January we will be releasing our bargain bin, where we will offer prints at one size for cheap prices. These will be prints that are popular on social media but do not match our QA/QC for high-end prints.

Also in the New Year, we will be releasing a limited offer category, some prints will only be available for 100 prints and will be signed on the back for collectors.

At the time of writing this, our social media has remained steady. Our Instagram and Facebook have been gaining organic followers. We haven’t started on Pin Interest and our Twitter is just starting.

Signing off now, but before we go we’ll leave you with some newbies.

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