Started Birding Course

In January 2021, we started a birding course visiting areas in Calgary that we previous had not known about. The first area we visited was Carburn Park, which we are familiar with. Our second visit was to Lafarge meadows, which was a new experience to us, however that weekend it was really cold and the shots weren’t great.

Our last trip of January 2021 was to Weaselhead Environment area. Here we saw many species that we expected to see and some we didn’t expect. On this trip we saw 12 Species ranging from Downy Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker to Boreal Chickadees to Grosbeak (Pine and Evening).

As this course started we downloaded eBird and are now joining the field trips and adding our photos to these checklists. To date we have seen 33 species of bird.

Our visits in February have been cancelled due to bad weather, plus there is a road trip 12th February to 14th February.

Blue Jay
Boreal Chickadee
Evening Grosbeak
Pine Grosbeak

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