Abraham Lake Adventure

In February 2021 we took an adventure to the popular spot in Alberta trying to capture bubble photographs. Abraham Lake has regularly bubbles that freeze in the ice and form ice bubbles. People for years come to this location to get the much prized pictures of the frozen bubbles.

We started our trip in Canmore meeting our guide. We then made our way to Castle Mountain for the sunrise.

Castle Mountain at Sunrise

From Castle Mountain we ventured around various parts of Lake Louise before leaving for Abraham Lake.

Train Tracks in Lake Louise
Bow River in Lake Louise

When we got to Abraham Lake, we were greeted with wonderful bubbles. However the light wasn’t very good and there was no sun set.

Bubbles At Abraham Lake

We got to bed early on the Saturday night and woke up very early on Sunday to travel back to Abraham Lake. Our intention was to catch the sunrise with the bubbles. Although this was my first time taking pictures of the bubbles and the temperature on the lake was -42C, I am happy with this final photo.

Bubbles at Abraham Lake

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