Great Gray Owl Photographs

Recently we were in the country above Cochrane, we found Great grays that had families and Adults that did not. During our time observing these magnificent birds of prey we saw several large adults and two baby Great Gray owls. We have posted several of these photos to Facebook and the response has been overwhelming.

In this photograph we see two Great Gray fledglings, that are waiting for mom to feed them.

We sat from afar and watched these two fledglings calling for food and having the mom flying around the fields looking for food.

The fledglings were moving and eating things that Mom provided.

Mom flew around the fields looking for food and providing for her family.

The fledgling flew to keep up with Mom in the search of food.

Mom passed our vehicle several times changing fields and looking for food. Occasionally she was so close going across the fields that the prime lens had trouble focusing.

Mom sat on the fence post for ages watching for food and then came straight towards our vehicle and passed by.

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