15% profit donations

Fine Art Profits

Starting, 1st August 2021, we will be donating 15% profit donations to an important conservation service in Alberta with our profits. The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation helps injured and orphaned Alberta Wildlife. Gives them a chance at rehabilitation and release back into the wild.

Jardene Photography is about Alberta Nature photography. It is our thought, we should give back to an important service. This service allows our company to continue to take breathtaking and in-demand photographs of our important wildlife species.

Jardene Photography will be donating 15% profit donations from the prints our stores and our trade shows.

Conversation suggestions

Our team has suggested a different conversation donation used for categories in our Catalog. The Wildlife Fine Art prints could use AIWC, and the Landscape Fine Art prints could use CPAWS. For Instance, 15% profit donations would be made to CPAWS for our fine landscape art.

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society look after many aspects of the landscapes in Alberta. They attempt to create more parks in our community and keep vital ecosystems. CPAWS’s purpose is to conserve nature and, in addition, to oversee the sovereignty and leadership of Indigenous Nations.

CPAWS has Southern Alberta and Northern Alberta branches; these branches look after different province areas. However, there are various branches for other provinces and territories in Canada. CPAWS has worked in Canada for over 60 years and has protected and worked on areas more significant, in size, than the Yukon territory.

Customer’s decision

We may be allowing our customers to decide which conservation service to support with their purchase of one of our limited edition prints. Depending on the feedback, we might pick a list of services. For more information or to give us an idea of which conservation service you would like to support please contact us.

To learn more about our chosen conservation donation support and where our 15% profit donation will be going too please see https://AIWC.CA.

15% profit donation
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