Sarrail Ridge Via Rawson Lake

On the 5th September 2021 a small group of friends and family hiked to Rawson Lake then went up to Sarrail Ridge. The hike to Rawson Lake is fairly easy with switch backs and about 300 meters elevation gain. The hike to Rawson Lake is about 3.9 Kms

Rawson Lake

We stopped for a break at Rawson Lake to take in the views, you get a good look at the ridge while walking to the end of Rawson Lake. You see that the climb up to the ridge is straight up the avalanche shoots which is quite technical in places.

Mount Sarrail with Sarrail Ridge

The hike to Sarrail Ridge is considered difficult because of various sections that you climb a rope up the rock. There is an alternative way around this section, if you take the river bed past this section, then there is an easier rock climb at the top of the river bed.

The End of Rawson Lake

The hike up to Sarrail Ridge can take between 1.5 to 3 hours depending on traffic. We went on a long weekend and the traffic was intense. There were periods were we were waiting to climb up sections as people were coming down. However once getting to the top of the ridge the views are spectacular and well worth the effort.

Lower Kananaskis lake from Sarrail Ridge
The View from Sarrail Ridge
Rawson Lake with the meadow
Sarrail Ridge Peak

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