17th December 2021 Announcement

During August this year, Jardene Photography submitted 9 photos to the Master Photography International organization as part of the International Image Competition that runs every year with thousands of entries from all over the world.

Announced on 17th December 2021 were the results. Jardene Photography did extremely well for our first year.

Seven Awards

We submitted nine photos. We received seven awards. The other photos, did not win awards, were highly cropped, a little blurry and the post processing on these images was lacking. We are of the philosophy that you always show the bad, the ugly and the good.

Five of our images were bronze, with scores of 81% to 83%. We had one image that placed silver at 88.7% and one image place gold at 90.9%.

Our First Wildlife Awards

I decided to only submit one landscape photograph and wanted to know where my wildlife and nature photography was at. Our silver award, was taken, within days of the competition, the photo was edited late at night and entered it into the competition. I believe if I hadn’t have been in a rush and taken the extra time it would have been another gold award.

So with these awards, my wildlife photos are now award winners.

I also tried something out of the box for the gold award and people loved it. Photographers who print their work stay away from dark backgrounds because they take too much ink. However I tried something a little different and it worked.

The great thing about this competition is that I get real world feedback on each photo. I know how each photo dropped points and how to increase the photos impact, story and overall score.

Here are the award winners.

Bronze Awards

Silver Award

Gold Award

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