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End of Year

In December 2021 and January 2022 we were busy. Out virtually every weekend in search of the ideal shot for various subjects. Some of those shots made our A list for new products and some of them are on the back burner.

With the arrival of winter, it was only a waiting game before the Snowy Owl returned to Alberta from the Artic. At the beginning of December, we were graced with the first sighting of a female Snowy Owl being mobbed by crows.

Snowy Owl Post

There is already a post at the beginning of December for the Snowy Owl with our sighting. It can be found on Snowy Owls Post

The new products which were added to our catalogue were:-

New Products on the Back Burner

The products that are on the back burner for space in our Catalogue are Eagle photographs. Here are some that were taken in January 2022.

This photograph was taken just as the Eagle touched down, it had its head down and was concentrating on landing.

Eagle Landing
Eagle Landing

This photograph was taken moments before the one above, the Eagle still had its head up and the eyes were visible to the camera making a better shot.

Eagle is Landing
Eagle Is Landing

This photograph was a separate landing from the first two. This time the Eagle came from a different direction and can be seen from the side with its head clearly in view.

Eagle Landing – Side view

This shot occurred because I was ready before getting on location. In the car park, I had taken the time to get the settings ready for the light and dialled in the settings I needed for a fast action shot. On arriving at the location the Eagle was soaring high over my head and it was circling. This shot was one in a series that captured the Eagle circling before disappearing.

Eagle Overhead

Here is a photograph of an Eagle, flying high towards the camera. The Eagle is scouting the area some distance in front of him.

Soaring high

Should we add more Eagle photographs

Our catalogue is already quite large for Wildlife with over 80 products alone. We have attempted to provide a mixture of species in the Wildlife category that people enjoy and are highly sort after. However public opinion wins the vote, so tell us what you think of our new photos and whether they should be added.

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