The Best Alberta Birds

The province of Alberta is graced with infinite natural and artificial beauty. Its Canadian landscapes are gifted with abundant bird species, and we’re not just talking about the robins and black-capped chickadees.

Below are some fascinating birds that visit and inhabit the province, as seen in these wildlife pictures.

Downy Woodpecker

Out of the 14 woodpecker species native to Canada, the Downy Woodpecker is our favorite. The Alberta bird is much smaller than most woodpeckers and has several identifiable characteristics, including:

  • A white belly
  • A mostly black back
  • A smattering of white dots over the sides and back.

The males have a red spot over their eyes, hard to miss in most cases.

Bald Eagle

Canada is fortunate to be home to three out of four North American eagle species. The Bald Eagle is a graceful and slightly scary-looking beast of the skies that was positively made for bird photography.

You can identify this Alberta bird immediately due to the following features:

  • A white head
  • A dark-brown body
  • A white-colored tail
  • Yellow eyes, bill, and talons.

A flying Bald Eagle is hard to miss because it has a wingspan of at least six feet.

European Starling

The starling is a diverse bird group not native to Canada. The country got its first two starling species—the European Starling and the Crested Myna—by extension of them being introduced in the US.

The European Starling first arrived in New York in 1890. It then rapidly spread to the North American continent, including the Canadian province of Alberta. The only thing more complicated than the European Starling’s history is its appearance.

Notable features include:

  • A short tail
  • An extended bill
  • Shiny, buff-colored spots along the plumage.

Interestingly enough, the bird’s glossy veneer wears off, and the bill turns a darker shade in the winter, rendering it nearly unrecognizable.

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