The Fine Art of Using Bison Art to Spruce Up Your Interior

What is the first thought that enters your mind when you behold the bison photography prints at Jardene Photography? We see these animals as majestic in every way and believe they would make a great addition to your interior décor.

Below are a few ways to adorn your walls with framed or frameless bison art.

The Starter Rules for Every Room

Go with the rules of thumb for one or more of the following rooms when in doubt.

  • Bedroom: Install a bison picture on the wall above your bed, or keep it small and staid by installing it above one or both of your nightstands.
  • Home Office: If you have a home office, install bison art where you can see it, such as on one of the side walls.
  • Living Room: Install a wall gallery over your couch with a large bison photo in the middle of several smaller animal photos.
  • Dining Room: Split a large bison photograph into several equal-sized parts and install them in the right order above each chair at the dining table.

Make it the Focal Point of Any Room

Instead of having one bison print in a room, have two or more to make it your main theme. That said, don’t overpower the room with too many bison depictions. For instance, a living room could do with a single bison portrait on alternating walls.

If you must hang four or more bison pictures, we suggest installing them in pairs vertically or groups of three horizontally.

Go Big or Go Home

You can install a larger-than-life portrait of a bison on your living room or bedroom wall and install complementary fixtures around it. For instance, the photo of a bison in a snow landscape deserves a brown couch with blue throw pillows.

You don’t have to do much with large-scale bison art to make it stand out. You could install a close-up of a bison’s head over your mantel and even on a large wall inside your bathroom, and it will stand out every single time.

Find All the Bison Photography Prints You Need Online

Jardene Photography is the one-stop photography shop in Calgary for award-winning wildlife photos in Alberta’s wilds and national parks. Browse bison photography prints for sale, select your size, and get them delivered anywhere in North America, the UK, and some parts of Europe.

Alternatively, place a special order for printing your chosen bison picture on canvas, acrylic, and metal instead of fine art paper.

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