Behind the Scenes of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a thrilling and adventurous field that allows us to capture the beauty and majesty of nature’s creatures in their natural habitats. Wildlife photographers often go to great lengths to capture that perfect shot, from lions of the African savannah to polar bears in the Arctic.

But what goes on behind the scenes of wildlife photography? Jardene Photography specializes in wildlife photography prints, and in this blog, we take you behind the scenes of wildlife photography.

The Early Bird Catches the…Wait, Where Are the Birds?

One of the key aspects of wildlife photography is being in the right place at the right time. Behind the scenes of wildlife photography, photographers wake up before the crack of dawn and set up camp in the wild, patiently waiting for the animals to make an appearance. However, wildlife doesn’t always follow a strict schedule, and sometimes the early bird doesn’t catch much of anything!

Hiding in Plain Sight: Camouflage and Disguises

Getting up close and personal with wildlife often requires blending in with the surroundings. Wildlife photographers use camouflage gear, such as ghillie suits or camo blinds, to blend in with the natural environment and get that perfect shot without disturbing the animals.

However, behind the scenes of wildlife photography is different, and sometimes even the best camouflage can fail hilariously. For example, imagine spending hours crawling on the ground to get closer to a group of deer, only to realize that a curious raccoon is sitting on your back, attracted by the strange smell of your camo gear!

Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

Wildlife photography requires patience, as animals don’t always cooperate with photographers’ plans. As a result, hours or even days of waiting can go by without any action, and photographers often find themselves in comical situations trying to pass the time.

From playing endless games of “I Spy” with fellow photographers to practicing their wildlife calls and imitations, wildlife photographers have their creative ways of keeping themselves entertained during long hours of waiting.

Unexpected Photobombs: When Wildlife Takes the Spotlight

One of the joys of wildlife photography is capturing the unexpected and candid moments of animal behavior. However, sometimes the animals themselves steal the show! Many wildlife photographers have stories of animals photobombing their shots or stealing their equipment.

These unexpected photobombs become cherished memories and anecdotes that add to the humor and excitement of wildlife photography.

Looking for Wildlife Photography Prints?

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