Astotin Lake Sun Set


Astotin Lake Sun Set printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag is available in four sizes; the smaller prints (13×19 or 17×22) comes with a white or black archival mat that fits the image ready to be framed.

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Astotin Lake Sun Set is an International award-winning print; printed on Hahnemuhle Photo rag is available in four sizes; the smaller prints (13×19 or 17×22) come with a white or black archival mat that fits the image ready to be framed.

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Astotin Lake

Located in Elk Island National park, the lake is about a 20-minute drive from Highway 16 to Lloydminster from the main gate. Elk island national park is a common getaway just outside Edmonton by 35 minutes. It has been increasingly popular since the Covid crisis hit.

Astotin Lake is known for various activities including:

  • fishing
  • canoeing
  • kayaking
  • camping
  • Photography

A campground is located inside the cattle grids for camping in the summer months. Astotin Lake is also known for photography, including Astrophotography and Aurora photography. The Lake is commonplace for Aurora Borealis photography and watching the northern lights during the storms.

The day-use facility comprises washrooms, food trucks and picnic tables with fire pits.

Why are there cattle grids on the entrances

Elk Island is a large national park that is home to the Bison. The bison roam during the day and night. Cattle grids keep the Bison away from the camping and day-use areas. However, a word of caution, the Bison still get into the area and can avoid the cattle grids. People should take care at various times at night, especially while the Bison are mating.


Our Story at the Lake

On August 26th 2017 we arrived at the lake day-use area and got ready for a night of photography ahead of us. We had only just started going to the Lake after photographing the Bison and other wildlife in the park. We arrived around 6:30 pm after finishing work for the day. We were starting to take time-lapse photos and construct videos from them.

After setting up our equipment we started making several time-lapses of the sun setting. Then as the sun was getting ready for bed, we started our final time-lapse.

Astotin Lake Sunset time-lapse

While creating the final time-lapse we were taking photos every few seconds with the Canon 5D Mark III and we noticed that the sun started to set and create a beautiful glow in the clouds which reflected onto the mirror lake surface. We took several cell phone pictures of the setup and the sun setting in this location, but now we had a difficult decision.

Do we continue capturing the sunset on time-lapse or capture some still photographs? We wondered if the time-lapse would be worth taking or whether it would be ruined in the back of our minds.

So we stopped the time-lapse and started the manual process of taking photos of the sunset. From around 8:30 to 8:45 pm, this beautiful sunset photograph was at Astotin lake.


Post Processing

We did very little post-processing on this photograph because of the raw format; we used lightroom and photoshop to highlight the usually dull colors after loading a basic. We did use photoshop to clean up the distractions in the front of the Lake’s edge which made the photograph a more Fine art feel.



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