Bull Moose Standing


Bull Moose Standing printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag is available in four sizes; the smaller prints (13×19 or 17×22) comes with a white or black archival mat that fits the image ready to be framed.

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Bull Moose Standing printed on Hahnemuhle Photo rag is available in four sizes; the smaller prints (13×19 or 17×22) comes with a white or black archival mat that fits the image ready to be framed.


Bull Moose


The Bull Moose is one of the largest animals in Western North America. It is part of the Deer subfamily and is the largest and heaviest species in that family. Most Male or Bull Moose have distinctive antlers which are different sizes depending on how old the Moose is. Moose typically live in the alpine areas of forests including the Boreal Forest in Northern Canada.

Moose are active during the day however often hide in forested areas away from the sunlight to cool themselves. They are generally solitary mammals however they do form groups with Male, females and calves during the rut or breeding season in late September and October.




The Moose live on a vegetation diet. They consume many types of plants and fruit. The moose eats terrestrial vegetation for energy however it will consume aquatic plants for the sodium. In the winter Moose can be seen on roads licking the salt off the roads and are a known hazard to drivers. Moose are excellent swimmers and will enter the water to eat aquatic plant life.

A full-size Moose can weigh up to 800 lbs and must eat up to 70 lbs of food a day to maintain its healthy life.




Moose have few enemies except for:-

  • Siberian Tigers
  • a pack of gray wolves
  • brown bears.

However a Brown bear is unlikely to take down a full-sized moose. Moose calves can be attacked when they leave their mother by Black Bears or Cougars.


The Rut


Moose are not really aggressive towards humans unless they are in the Rut. The Rut occurs in late September and October and is the main breeding season for the Bull Moose. The males go without food for a period of time during the Rut. The males breed with multiple females during the Rut. The Bull Moose call to the females during the Rut and the female often respond. Males can be heard up to 500 meters away.

Female Moose often only bear one calf which is an eight-month pregnancy.

The average life span of a Bull Moose is 15 to 25 years.




Moose hurt more people than Bears or Wolves combined. Moose are seen as the gentle giant which does not seem dangerous so people approach them. Female Moose are known to attack people when they are separated from their young and the people cut off the approach to the calf for the Mother.

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