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Explore our collection of stunning wildlife art — discover the amazing minute characteristics of fascinating animals, or get up close and personal with majestic mammals.

Pictures of animals have figured into human expression since the annals of history. From cave paintings to the high-definition, stunning wildlife photography of today, animals remain an intriguing subject for photographers around the globe. As one of the leading photography shops in Calgary, webring you framed landscape and wildlife wall art. Think extreme environments, spectacular locations, and unthinkable moments seen from close up — that’s what our landscape and animal photography is all about.

Dangerous and challenging, taking photos of animals requires hours, often weeks, in pursuit of a single subject. From bull moose to bald eagles, we bring animals into your home in the form of limited-edition wall art. Explore our expertly curated online gallery today!

Get up close and personal as you discover a new visual perspective at Jardene Photography. Our photographers are changing the game with innovative, never-before-seen pictures of animals. Whether it’s the panoramic scenes used to illustrate the extreme environments the animals live in or the lightning reflexes needed to capture some of the fastest species of nature, our photographers are talented, innovative, and always committed to pushing the boundaries of this great field. Whether you’re looking for a picture of cute woodland creatures, a contemplative monkey, a baby elephant, a wild cheetah, an amazing lion, or a strong bison, our artists have exciting, new images of these animal stars to hang on your walls.

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  • Astotin Lake Sun Set

  • American Robin

  • Amanita

  • Adult Bisons – Male Call

  • Adult Bison – Standing

  • Adult Bison – Side pose

  • Bison Baby

  • Adult Bison – Shoulders

  • Adult Bison – Right Autumn Pose