Snowy Owl Tour

Around Alberta for Winter

It is that time of year when the snowy owls migrate from the Arctic to warmer temperatures and more food. We are lucky in Calgary and Alberta to have a lot of these majestic animals migrating to our fields for the winter months.

Snowy Owl Sitting

Daytime Behaviour

Most Owls sleep during the day and hunt at night. However, the Snowy Owl is often active during the day and hunts in the field for mice, voles and rabbits. During the Arctic summer months the Snowy Owl has to put up with daylight 24/7 therefore they can be hunting and sleeping during daylight hours.

Snowy Owl Fly-by


The Snowy Owl is bright white with dark specks on it, normally the females have more specks than the male and the male is usually plain white. Sometimes the Owls look like a rock or mound of snow on the ground rather than an Owl. The Snowy Owl is the largest Owl in North America. Their eyes are bright yellow.

The Snowy Owl is certainly one of the most identifiable Owls with distinct white and dark speckle patterns.

The Owl is about the same size as a large crow or raven and is smaller than say a Canadian goose.

These birds often like to perch on rises or high points. They can be found on fence posts or utility poles. They like to sit on Fences looking and scouting for prey, when they fly after their prey they fly close to the ground and are fast.

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