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Andy Denton
Andy Denton

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Hello, I am Andy, I was originally born in England and grew up in Robin Hood country. During most of my childhood I was involved in the Cub Scouts and the Scouts. I started in the Cub Scouts at a young age and was trained in hiking, map reading, navigation, orienteering, outdoor survival and camping. From Cub Scouts, I joined Scouts and got all my major badges including being one of the youngest Scouts to receive the Chief Scouts Award in the 1980’s.

During my time in the Scouts, I got merit badges for Kayaking, Canoeing, Skiing, and Quartermaster plus another 10 badges. I was a patrol leader for most of my time at the Scouts and regularly helped mentor the younger Scouts. I learned First Aid while in the Scouts which I have continued in my Oil and Gas career. While with the Scouts I travelled around Britain and even into Europe to Kanderstag in Switzerland.

I have always been active and helped others during my time in the Scouts and in my Adult life. During my O levels, I took Outdoor Pursuits as a course and learnt how to plan hikes, and long camping trips and calculate calories and food rations. I learnt to calculate how long a hike would take with the terrain and when to choose the best camping spots. We also learnt to Bivouac and learnt survival techniques.

I left the Scouts after reaching a highlight and joined an Ice Hockey club. I then spent three years playing Ice Hockey in England, Scotland and Wales. As kids, we would always play hockey on the ponds and flooded fields.

I left England in the 1990s to come to Canada and came to Calgary. My skills in Hockey and Skiing served me well as I became a regular at Lake Louise or Sunshine during the winter months. I have skied in the Canadian Rockies for the best part of 27 years and held Ski Instructor and Ski Coach Certifications. I also hiked and raced mountain bikes in the Canadian Rockies. In my youth, I raced mountain bikes and took part in the 24-hour events in Canmore, Silver Star, and MOAB. Consequently started photographing fast-action ski racing in 2012.

I started photographing amateur ski racers, my daughters were ski racers and I found myself taking fast-action sports photographs during the races in Alberta and BC. Meanwhile, I started taking high-level courses on online sites for photography. In 2019 I decided to invest in my photography future and started a master class in fine art photography.

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Andy Denton, originally from England, is the owner of Jardene Photography, based in the Canadian Rockies. With a passion for fast-action sports like skiing and mountain biking, he initially started capturing moments of amateur ski racers, including his daughters. Gradually honing his skills through high-level photography courses, Andy ventured into fine art photography, which led to numerous award-winning images.

A Platinum member of Canon Professional Services, Andy exclusively utilizes Canon products, employing the Canon R5 as his primary camera and the Canon 5D Mark III as a backup. His photography has garnered accolades, including awards from FAPA, ND Awards, and the Epson Pano Awards. He further elevated his craft by joining the Master’s Photographers International and obtaining a Craftsman degree in Nature Photography, scoring points towards his Master’s in Nature Photography and Fine Art Photography. Andy’s expertise as a nature photographer continues to captivate and inspire, earning him recognition for his exceptional work.

Andy Denton