What’s included

what's included
What’s Included

What’s included in the purchase?

What is included, with our Fine art prints? Depending on what type of print you buy.

Fine Art Paper Print

For Fine Art Paper prints we include an archival mat for the smaller prints, and we print on the finest fine art paper available.

The Archival Mat?

For 13×19 or 17×22 prints, the mat is provided; however, the customer can opt out of receiving the mat by leaving a note at check-out. Similarly, the customer can specify a black or white mat in the note section at check-out.

If no information is given about the mat, we will supply the appropriate color (usually white or black) for the print chosen.


The mat in this size fits an 18×24 frame.


The mat in this size fits a 24×30 frame.

Why do we use Hahnemuhle Photo Rag?

We use Hahnemuhle Paper Company. These papers are 310 GSM with a 19.6 mil thickness. It has a matte finish. They are superb papers that represent our products beautifully.

Do you use any other paper?

We use Hahnemuhle Paper Company. These papers are 310 GSM with a 19.6 mil thickness. It has a matte finish. They are superb papers that represent our products beautifully.

During COVID our supply chain had problems getting the Hahnemuhle products, which are special order items with long lead times.

Therefore, it became necessary to find an alternative that represented our brand well. We have found that the Epson Hot and Cold Bright Press paper is of equal quality to our chosen Hahnemuhle photo rag.

Epson paper is 330 GSM, which is slightly heavier than the Hahnemuhle photo rag, and it’s 17 mils thick with a matte finish.

Can you use any other paper?

If a client would like to print on a different paper, we can quote that. However, as you can imagine it gets expensive if a customer is only ordering one image on a specific type of paper. We tend to use one variation of composition for our print shop although we print on all sorts of Hahnemuhle and Epson papers.

Fine Art Canvas Print

Our fine art canvas prints are printed on two types of canvas. The first is the Epson Exhibition canvas which requires a special coating to make it waterproof and to protect it from cracking during stretching. The second type of canvas we use is Breathing Color canvas which does not require coating and allows for a faster production time.

The Breathing Color Canvas is the Aqueous Canvas Satin 17M which contains a NO-LAM coating that does not require the spraying of the waterproof and UV protection coating as its already included.

Once the canvas has dried it is then stretched onto the stretcher bars.

Fine Art Metallic Print

For the Fine Art Metallic Print, we send these away to a specialized shop. This shop uses a high-definition Dye Sublimation process. The printer prints onto a transfer paper and the aluminum is placed over the transfer paper and put into a press where the image is transferred to the aluminum.

The results are a durable metallic print that is scratch resistant and waterproof which lasts for 60+ years.

Fine Art Acrylic Print

For the Fine Art Acrylic print, this is also sent out to a specialized shop. This shop uses a flatbed printer to print directly onto the acrylic. The Acrylic print is then mounted onto a backing frame with a wire, or four standoff corners depending on the size, and can be mounted directly to the wall.

Why do you only offer four sizes?

The four sizes we offer are the most popular based on the printers we use. Our Canon professional printers can only print up to 17 inches x 25 inches So, so we offer the most popular sizes for that printer which are 13×19 and 17×22. Our large format Epson 9750 printer can print up to 44 inches wide and over 100 inches long. An order can be placed via a quote and drop-shipped to the customer.

Why don’t you sell Panoramic prints?

We have just purchased our latest printer, the Epson 9750 44-inch-wide printer. This allows us to print large-format fine art prints. Our panoramic prints are now being printed on a variety of papers that look out of this world. Feel free to contact us for a quote with the size information and paper, canvas, and the metallic or acrylic print style you require.

What inks do you use?

We only use the finest Canon and Epson inks for our printers. Providing the finest color representation with stunning blacks and a wide gamut that accurately reproduces even the most difficult colors.

Do your prints come with frames?

We do not offer frames with our prints. The prints are printed in our office and then shipped in a mail tube via Canada Post. We can recommend frames depending on the customer’s requests.

Don’t like your print? We’ll make it right!

Here at Jardene photography, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your purchase let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your money on receipt of the print. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Please review our store policies.