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Bison Photography

This photography gallery is a handpicked collection of the most popular Bison prints from Jardene Photography.

Andy from Jardene Photography spent nearly three years living in Edmonton and traveling to Elk Island National Park just outside Edmonton and Sherwood Park. He spent many hours hiking and searching for animals in the park and taking photographs.

Our Bison prints are quite popular and are a crowd favorite. There is a mixture of photographs taken in every season. The Bison at Elk Island can mainly be found in the Bison loop just inside the National Park from the Trans Canada highway.

The rut is the best time to photograph these animals, however, this time of year can be quite dangerous. Precautions are required when around the Bison during the rut and tree cover is an absolute must if hiking.

Watching the Wisent can give some indication of what they are about to do. When the animal becomes quiet and starts staring, look for the tail to raise. If they start to claw the ground and the tail is raised, that’s a sign that they are about to charge. However, the tail can raise for other reasons and one is quite messy.

Never cut off the animal’s path, always allow these animals to move freely and be able to see a clear path around themselves. These powerful animals will charge if their path is cut off or reduced.

Females reproduce every year as long as they are sufficiently fed and have gained enough weight to bear the calf. The female will not reproduce until they are at least three years old.

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Bison Photography