The Best Birding Locations in Canada

Canada’s massive and diverse landscape has attracted bird species from everywhere. We’ve seen many of nature’s hotspots when spotting, watching, and immortalizing these birds behind our camera lens.

Find the products of our birdwatching in these wildlife photos, and keep reading to know some fascinating birding locations in Canada.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Almost all the wildlife photography prints for sale at Jardene Photography were taken in or near Alberta. First on the list is Calgary, a city home to many birding locations, most notable being the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

The popular wildlife reserve isn’t so much a tourist destination as someplace humans and birds can coexist. Besides being home to 270 bird species, the reserve has walking trails, nature trails, and even a learning center to educate people about the reserve and everything it does to preserve the bird species inhabiting its 36-hectare expanse.

Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park

The Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park describes itself as a “birdwatching area” in its Google listing. This North-Central park alone can give us a day’s worth of landscape photos. 

On one end, you’ll see storm beaches and dunes. Go beyond, and you’ll find marshy areas and wetlands. On the other end, you’ll see Marten Mountain rising 450 meters above the lake.

The Lesser Slave Lake is the province’s third-largest lake and a popular tourist destination. It spans 1,200 square kilometers and is home to almost half of all North American bird species during various seasons.

Carburn Park

Carburn Park occupies a 135-hectare territory and represents wildlife preservation. It has two different birdwatching locations. The first are two artificial ponds, home to fish and, therefore, their avian predators, including Great Blue Herons and Belted Kingfishers. 

The main river channel is the park’s second most popular birding location. While it’s mainly home to diving duck species, such as the Common Goldeneye, there’s plenty of other wildlife at not-so-popular locations along the channel and throughout the park.  

Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park

The Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park is a popular fishing, hiking, camping, and birding location in Alberta. Situated on the shore of Lac la Biche, the park’s islands, forests, and lake are home to pelicans, cormorants, and other bird species. While the Pelican Viewpoint is closed to visitors nowadays, you can always catch the odd warbler or woodpecker drilling into a nearby tree.

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