Photography While Hiking: Top Tips To Carry Your Equipment With Ease

Hiking is a great way to combine your love for photography with your passion for the great outdoors. However, carrying your camera equipment while hiking can be a challenge. Not only is it heavy and cumbersome, but can also be difficult to access when you need it.

Our Alberta photographers are pros at carrying their equipment easily while hiking through national parks to take the great shots you see at Jardene Photography. In this blog, we share some of their tips so your next photography hike will be a breeze.

Use a Backpack with a Camera Compartment

Invest in a backpack with a dedicated camera compartment to keep your gear safe and accessible. A bag with a camera compartment will provide enough space for your camera, lenses, and accessories. It also offers padding to protect your gear from shocks and bumps on the trail. Ensure the backpack is comfortable to wear and fits well to avoid discomfort while hiking.

Bring Only Essential Gear

When hiking, it’s essential to bring only the gear you need. Carrying too much equipment can be tiring and cumbersome. Assess the terrain and weather conditions to determine the essential equipment you need for the hike. Pack only the lenses and accessories you are sure to use to keep your backpack light and easy to carry.

Secure Your Camera Strap

While hiking, your camera strap can swing and hit against your body. It can also get caught on branches and rocks, putting your camera at risk of damage. To avoid this, secure your camera strap to your backpack or wear it diagonally across your chest to keep it safe and secure.

Stay Hydrated

Finally, don’t forget to bring water and stay hydrated while hiking. A dehydrated photographer is no good. It’s essential to carry enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the hike. Take a reusable water bottle along with you, or consider a hydration pack to keep you hydrated and refreshed on the trail.

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