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Black Bear printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag is available in four sizes; the smaller prints (13×19 or 17×22) come with a white or black archival mat that fits the image ready to be framed.

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Black Bear printed on Hahnemuhle Photo rag is available in four sizes; the smaller prints (13×19 or 17×22) come with a white or black archival mat that fits the image ready to be framed.


The American Black bear or Black Bear is a medium-sized bear found in North America. The bear is the smallest bear in North America compared to the Grizzly bear, Polar Bear and Brown Bear. Black Bears are omnivores, their diet varies depending on location and season. These bears typically live in Forested areas.

Black Bears can be different colours for example white, blonde or even brown. There are sixteen subspecies of a Black bear with areas in North America having different subspecies.


Black Bear Population

The Black bear is not on the threatened list having some 400,000 to 500,000 population in certain Canadian provinces. This is roughly the same number in the United States, although California has the highest population of black bears with around 30,000 in the state.


Black Bears typically shy away from humans and live in inaccessible terrain areas with thick vegetation and woodlands. These bears are thought to have evolved like this due to growing up with larger bear species.

Black Bear Size

The Black bear’s size depends on the season. When the bear emerges from their den in Spring they are 30% lighter than in Fall when they went away for winter. The bear can weigh between 126lbs to 551lbs. The average life span of this type of bear is 18 years. Although it is possible that some bears can live a lot longer.


Black bears are not considered deep Hibernators however they do lay dormant for months during the winter. The bears enter their dens in October and November depending on the snowfall and weather conditions. The bears typically gain about 30% more weight in the fall for the hibernation. During Hibernation the bear’s heart rate goes from 50 BPM down to 8 BPM.


Black bears’ diet consists of vegetation and dead animals. When coming out of Hibernation the bears typically look for dead animals that contain Carrion. From here they then start to search out new shoots and roots from vegetation. During the summer the bears typically eat the fruits and berries and start to put on their weight for the fall.

Black Bear Attacks

Unlike the Grizzly bear, this bear will avoid humans. When surprised these bears will cause mock charges and then when safe to do so will move away. Aggressive encounters with these bears rarely lead to serious injury.

Most black bears are more motivated by hunger than territorial, fighting back during an attack with this bear will greatly increase the chances of the bear retreating.



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