Moraine Lake Sunrise

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Bring the enchantment of Alberta Nature photography into your home, and surprise your friends and family with breathtaking prints that screech quality and connection to the best this province has to offer.

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Nature Photographer / Nature Photography

Canadian Nature Photographer / Canadian Landscape Photographer

Jardene Photography provides fine art prints from this website shop. We travel around Alberta, the heart of the Rocky Mountains, for landscape photography to get unique and demanding nature photos. Our nature photographers promote the safe use of the National Parks and are fully licensed. We visit Banff National Park, Elk Island National Park, and Kananaskis. We also visit the city parks like Fish Creek Park, Carburn Park, and Weaselhead Natural Area. Our company, Jardene Photography, has a Business License in the City of Calgary and is fully insured. Starting August 1st, 2021 we now donate 15% of our profits to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation.

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Bull Elk Antlers

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About Jardene Photography

Calgary Photographer / Fine Art Nature Photography

Jardene Photography is a trade-mark and operating company that is part of Jardene Inc. a Calgary-based Incorporated company. Jardene Inc. is registered in Alberta, Canada, and is owned by Andy Denton — an award-winning landscape photographer.

Andy is employed full-time by a company that provides engineering services to a variety of clients in the oil and gas industry. His second career is in photography, which he is advancing in as his skill level rises. Andy is now a member of Master Photographers International. A Craftsman degree in Nature Photography was awarded to him within the last year. In addition to working on his Craftsman and Master’s degrees in Fine Art Photography, he has started collecting points toward a Master’s in Nature Photography.

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Astotin Lake Sunset

Calgary Landscape Photography

Landscape Nature Photography / Landscape Photographer

Firstly, we have been partaking in landscape photography after completing several high-level courses. Basically, to capture great landscape photography, you need something to make the photo stand out from the crowd. Photographers use a lot of different techniques in Landscape photography to do this. Whether it be a sunrise, sunset, or weather condition, that makes the photograph unique these events require planning.

Secondly, Research and Planning are the cornerstones of a landscape photography tool kit. To know that the sun rises at a specific time and place for the location and what to expect before arriving. Also, Milky Way photographs require research too, about weather patterns, wherein the sky will the Milky Way shows itself, and what compositions I want to achieve.

Thirdly, in our spare time, we spend evenings chasing Lady Aurora in and around Calgary. We have been as far as Jasper and Abraham Lake to Elk Island National Park chasing Aurora in Alberta. With Aurora, there is always the Aurora weather that needs to be researched and then there are the apps that provide forecasting and predictions.

Our Fine Art Nature Prints for Sale include Kananaskis, Spray Lakes, Peyto Lake, Two Jack Lake, Vermilion Lakes, Mt Rundle, Three Sisters Canmore, Aurora Borealis, Lake Herbert, Morant’s Curve, Astotin Lake, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake to name a few.

Astotin Lake Sunset


Fine Art Landscape Prints for Sale

Calgary Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photographer

Our main passion is wildlife photography, and we spent nearly three years in Edmonton photographing the Bison in Elk Island National Park. Andy has spent years working on fast-action photography required for Wildlife Photography. Wildlife photography is not just the skill behind the camera to take the photo; most of the time, it’s tracking down the subjects to take the picture in the appropriate setting. There is research required for each species. Questions are asked, for instance, what gear do we need, is the species within hiking distance, is it dangerous, and what safety equipment do we need?

Usually, we hike to locations in most of Alberta’s Canadian parks. Being away from our transport presents some risks with wild animals and their environment. Whether Snowshoeing or climbing, an escape from a dangerous animal might not be available. Some of our trips require backcountry camping which requires extra planning for equipment to be taken for safety and meals.

Fine Art Nature Prints include Moose, Eagles, Elk, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Snowy Owls, Great Horned Owls, Great Gray Owls, Bull Moose, Cow Moose, Baby Moose, Bull Elk, Coyotes, Boreal Owls, Pygmy Owls, Birds of Alberta to name a few.

Black Bear

Fine Art Wildlife Prints for Sale

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