Spray Lakes Storm


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Spray Lakes 

Located in Spray Valley Provincial Park; Spray Lakes stretches down the valley in Kananaskis Country in Alberta; Canada. It is the largest lake in the area and is visible from many trails and viewpoints in the valley. The lake is nestled between Goat Range and the Three Sisters Ridge while also surrounded by other imposing peaks. The combination of water and mountains makes it an excellent destination for hiking; camping; fishing and kayaking. 

Lake History

Originally this lake was two lakes; upper and lower spry lakes. The upper lake was a smaller pond that the northern end was near the Spray West Campground and the water flowed north to south in the valley. In 1911; they identified that hydroelectric power was possible; and the Canyon Dam was built in the south and the Three Sisters Dam in the north. The dams increased the lake area to just shy of 20 square kilometer’s. 


Spray Lake’s maximum depth is 65 meters; however; it stays relatively consistent at 50-60 meters. The dams accumulate from a drainage basin of just under 500 square kilometer’s. It also gets water south to Chester Lake and the Robertson Glacier in K-Country. The reservoir is long and narrow at 21 km long and 1.6 km wide at its maximum. It feeds three power plants in the area. 

  1. Fishing 

Spray lake is a trendy place for fishermen. Before the dams were built; the bull trout and cutthroat fishing were excellent. Rainbow trout were also found below the waterfall near Smuts Creek. Unfortunately; after the dams were built; the cutthroat population dwindled. Most boats on the lake are for fishing as the recreational use isn’t as popular due to the high winds. A boat launch is available at the Driftwood Day Use Area. 

  1. Bubble Photography 

Bubble Photography is quite popular on this lake in the winter. Starting early January and February; photographer can be seen on the ice looking for bubble formations.

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